Ms. Erin Rinehart
City Manager, City of Carrollton

Mr. Charles Cox
City Manager, City of Famers Branch

Ms. Donna Barron
City Manager, City of Lewisville

Mr. Scott Wingerson
City Manager, City of Gladstone

Mr, Mark Hindman
City Manager, City of North Richland Hills

  • Facilitated community-wide 2020 Visioning Project
  • Facilitated community-wide 2030 Visioning Project
  • Conducted several training sessions for appointed officials and staff

This is an on-going, long-term client

  • Facilitated multiple Council retreats
  • Consulted on implementation of cross-functional neighborhood service team
  • Consulted on alignment of performance measures to City strategic initiative
  • Presented with City Staff to the ICMA Best Practices symposium on Performance Measures
  • Leadership development session
  • Various consulting projects in 2006-present
  • Positive Performance Management 2005
  • The Carrollton Difference: Culture Transformation
  • Multiple City Council retreats
  • Consulting and training for Advanced Leadership, ongoing initiative

This is an on-going, long-term client

  • Facilitated Council retreat on governance model
  • Facilitated Leadership retreat
  • Conducted Leadership training as part of Manager Institutes
  • Consulted with on aligning Council goals with Strategic Plan and Performance Measures
  • Facilitated Council goal setting retreat and multiple retreats
  • Facilitated city-wide wellness campaign
  • Facilitated community feedback sessions
  • Facilitated multiple Council retreats
  • Facilitated multiple Council retreats
  • Facilitated several Council retreats
  • Facilitated community-wide visioning sessions
  • Facilitated inter-government agency meetings
  • Facilitated Council retreat
  • Consulted in organizational restructuring
  • Facilitated staff retreat
  • Consulted with on the design and implementation of a cross-functional neighborhood service team
  • Provided ethics ordinance consultation to Council
  • Presentation on integrity and their role as civic leaders to the City Council, Board and Committee members
  • Presented for city-wide employee job fair
  • Facilitated Council Retreat 2017
  • Long-term Strategic Visioning & Planning
  • Facilitated goal setting retreats with Council and staff
  • Individual coaching projects with several senior management employees
  • Consulted on organizational culture project

This is an on-going, long-term client

  • Facilitated community-wide visioning
  • Facilitation of the Longview Leadership team/Longview First 2010 Initiative
  • Facilitation of the Longview 2015 Initiative
  • Facilitated Council retreat
  • Facilitated multiple Council retreats

This is an on-going, long-term client

  • Coaching activities
  • Facilitation of multiple Council retreats
  • Facilitated Council strategic planning
  • Facilitated Council retreat
  • Review the City’s ethics policy, prepare training and support materials, written report and recommendations for changes, facilitation of meetings with the City’s Ethics Commission & Council
  • Strategic planning initiative
  • Implemented organization-wide ethics training program
  • Facilitated Sr. leadership retreat/organizational culture
  • Consulted with on organizational restructuring
  • Consulted with and put in place Positive Performance® Management system (employee development)
  • Multiple Council retreats

This is an on-going, long-term client

  • 90-day coaching project with senior management